SOSGA Membership and Pinning Policies.

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: Any entity that performs or contracts out the majority of tasks that produce seeds for commercial use, is entitled to Active Membership, one vote each, must participate in the Seed Quality Management Program (SQMP), must pay all dues and fees associated with the SQMP. Non-payment of dues or fees will exclude the member from voting rights and using the SQMP. As a condition of Active Membership, the intent to produce a Genetically Modified specialty seed crop must be communicated to the Board.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Representatives of allied agricultural industries, organizations, entities, or individuals interested in the success of specialty seed production may apply for Associate Membership. Annual dues will be established by the Board. Associate Membership is nonvoting and may not participate in the SQMP.

ALL MEMBERSHIPS: Although membership is voluntarily, as an any member we agree without exception to adhere to association 1) Bylaws, 2) Pinning Procedures, and 3) Isolation Distances, as well as all policies adopted by a vote of the membership and Board. Qualification of members is subject to Board review. Dues and fees will be established by the Board. All members agree to hold SOSGA, its members and directors harmless for any damages caused by use of the SQMP for any reason. We acknowledge it is our Farm’s or Company‚Äôs responsibility as well as, our representatives to understand these documents and to communicate with other members to facilitate them.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Member dues and fees will be refunded if membership is cancelled the lesser of seven days from signing up or prior to a related pinning date.