Community support and membership participation

SOSGA had a successful 2016 season with 6 well-attended educational events co-hosted with OSU Small Farms. Many attendees were interested in transitioning their operations to support regional seed production. 

Many thanks to Maud Powell and the participating growers who made this possible. And thanks to Dr. Bill Tracy who made a guest presentation in the valley on the breeding work currently being done with seed.

We also organized a spring seed swap in Ashland that was attended by around 300 seed savers and supporters from across the valley. A number of our members also sold seeds directly to attendees while tables filled with heirloom seed grown by gardeners across the valley lined the armory.

Seed swaps were well attended in Grants Pass, Ashland and Williams. 

We also paired 4 mentor seed growers with new individual growers entering relationships with seed companies. Feedback was good all around and are excited to offer the same opportunity to at 4 more growers this coming season.

And some of the most exciting news in our history thusfar…..Our Family Farms received a grant to create a business and marketing plan for growing seed in a GE-free seed sanctuary! This pilot grant will consist of collecting grower data on what seeds are being produced, seeds being sold and grower needs for seed processing equipment that could support grower efficiency and ability to scale up. A larger follow-up implementation grant is due summer 2017.

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Additional grant applications in partnership with Small Farms have also been submitted in support of SOSGA’s work….more soon!

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More on our history from OSU Extension website:

Our board meets bimonthly and has a goal of expanding our membership and growing a network of those working with seed in 2017. Please share our work with others, encouraging membership, so we can improve and build upon the efforts of many who continue to show up for our growers. 

We welcome your input on how we can support area farmers in their work with seed.

Thanks and happy seed growing!

SOSGA consists of a diverse group of seed farmers and stewards in the Rogue Valley. Our mission is to support the growing of high quality commercial seed crops in our local region, to train the seed growers of the future and to educate the public on seed production issues.