Seed Quality Management Program (SQMP): Develops, implements and maintains a specialty seed crop field isolation program using maps of the Production Area. The purpose of the isolation program is to separate seed production fields of related species or other crops with contamination potential, by distances adequate to minimize pollen contamination, thus maximizing genetic purity.

The distances adhered to in the isolation program are based upon the best knowledge available to the Board of Directors. Maps of the Production Area are maintained by SOSGA for the purpose of securing isolations. The rules governing the use of maps and the Isolation Guidelines to be followed for the specialty seed crops grown in the Production Area of Jackson and Josephine counties in southern Oregon.

2015 Pinning Maps:

All Members

Beta vulgaris – beet/chard

Brassica, the genus*

Zea mays – corn

Spinacia oleracea – spinach

Allium cepa – onion

Allium ampeloprasum – leek

Raphanus sativus – radish

Cucurbita pepo – squash

Cucurbita maxima – squash

Cucurbita moschata – squash

Cucurbita mixta – squash

*For Brassica and a few other groups we dealt with the question of different “types” (e.g. red leaf chard, yellow onion, Fall-White Cabbage) by including a “sub-class” in the pin description.